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Lybab AB

Förrådsvägen 4C
181 41 Lidingö
gps data: 59.3573417,18.1719672

phone No.: +46 0812132300
website: lybab.se
email: nfolybab.se


Company's specialisation

Lybab, a company from Lidingö, offers assistance to property owners within the city and in its area. If you want to create a new construction or simply renovate an exiting one, you can count on their professional help. Their blacksmiths are going to prepare beautifully forged fences and other elements, while their gardeners are going to make sure the plants are taken care of. Both the exteriors and interiors of various buildings can be redecorated and refurbished following your suggestions and advices.

New construction

If you are planning a new construction in Lidingö, definitely get in touch with Lybab. They are going to help you design its structure, as well as the surrounding area. Their expertise will reward you with a beautiful and functional building, created according to your instructions and indicated preferences. The company uses solid and reliable materials and components to make sure the newly built constructions pass the test of time. They also implement a number of technologically advanced solutions, responsible for increasing the functionality.

Offer: http://lybab.se/

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