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London Sound Solutions Ltd

158 Uxbridge Road
W13 8SB London
gps data: 51.511061,-0.319113

phone No.: +44 2082075121


Company's specialisation

London Sound Solutions is a company that has already gained a wide circle of fully content clients and it is constantly developing to make even more people completely satisfied with the quality of their services. They offer professional soundproofing, adapted to particular needs and preferences. As a result, the sounds from the outside are minimized and the ones from the inside are maximised. It may have many different purposes, as it can serve both for business and entertainment. As the materials and techniques used are really superb, the effect is always excellent.

Sound proof house

It is really worth choosing such skilful soundproofing specialists. London Sound Solutions employs people who underwent professional trainings and who have gained a lot of experience already. Their services will make it possible for you to, for example, turn a room into a home cinema and enjoy watching films really loud. What is more, if you are a musician, you will be able to practice playing your instrument or singing anytime. It is also a great offer for companies who either produce a lot of noise or need a space for confident meetings.

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