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Trésors de Pologne

00-001 Varsovie
gps data: 51.8684183,14.6489197

phone No.: +48 533 787 244
website: tresorsdepologne.fr
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Company's specialisation

If you have ever dreamed about visiting Poland and learning more about this beautiful and fascinating country, you should definitely get in touch with Trésors de Pologne. This travel agency has been preparing organised trips for the citizens and foreigners alike for a couple of years now. Each tour they offer can be additionally modified to include the client's suggestions. This means the participant can choose what accommodation they prefer, the means of transportation and even what cities they would be sightseeing.

And organised trip to Poland

An organised trip to Poland will let you learn a lot about European history - from the Middle Ages, up until the World War II. The territory has been a witness to kings and queens rising to power and falling from the grace, as well as dozens of years of occupation and Nazi war crimes. Its capitol, Warsaw, has been destroyed during the World War II, but has been rebuilt since then, similarly to many other cities. However, if history is not what you are after, definitely ask for a close to nature kind of organised trip.

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