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Lovter is a website that posts some very interesting and thorough articles on the uses of bio fire and inspiring ideas for introducing it into a living space. Every story is carefully researched and enriched with a number of pictures to help the reader visualise the topic at hand. Such an assistance helps immensely in choosing the most suitable option, but also informs the audience about all the benefits of using that particular type of fuel. Additionally, Lovter provided a number of links to partnered shops and sellers to make sure only the best products are in use.

Light and warmth

Bio fire is the option that gives its users maximum efficiency, both in terms of providing a reliable source of light and warmth, as well as finding an interesting interior accessory. It relies on a rich in sugars fuel that burns without emitting substances harmful for humans, leaving only steam in the process. Their simple installation does not require chimneys and vents, which means they can be placed virtually everywhere. Bio fire can be additionally enriched with scented oils to make sure the atmosphere of the room is always on point.

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