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Company's specialisation

Cocochoco is a company specialising in Brazilian keratin treatment, especially in the production of products used for this particular procedure. They offer a wide variety of rich in proteins formulas, but also clarifying shampoos, and rejuvenating conditioners and masks. Each product is carefully tested to adhere to all the standards and do not cause any harm to clients. However, a person who wants to try this straightening method should always carefully choose a hair salon, because only qualified personnel is able to do it safely.

Brazilian keratin treatment

What Brazilian keratin treatment really is? It is a hair straightening procedure, which also nourishes it thanks to the proteins in the formula. It can only be performed by an experienced hairdresser who first of all has to remove all the hair products with a clarifying shampoo. The next step is applying the product to hair and drying it almost completely. The last step aims to seal and activate the formula and the proteins with a heat generated by flat iron. All the needed information about hair care afterwards are available online.

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