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Baroo Software

108 Lower Baggot Street
Dublin 2
gps data: 53.3365115,6.2506389

phone No.: +48 544 449 444


Company's specialisation

Baroo Software is a dependable company from Poland offering custom software outsourcing services. Clients looking for talented developers and wanting to reduce some of the costs of employing a team of specialists may want to look into this type of cooperation. Each project executed with the company's help is carefully crafted to meet all the requirements of the chosen enterprise and the market it operates on. Working with a Polish team has an additional advantage - it is much cheaper than commissioning local programmers.

Software outsourcing - Poland

The company specialises in Java, Grails, iOS and Android outsourcing. For businesses which do not have the adequate knowledge of those systems and languages, it is best to hire an external team of experienced professionals. Those developers will use the newest technologies and solutions to bring a chosen project to life. Choosing software outsourcing providers from Poland will definitely improve the flexibility of the commissioner and reduce the costs associated with the traditional recruiting process.

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