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Company's specialisation

Choose Printmasta if you are looking for the most trustworthy and professional DVD and CD replication and duplication services. The company is known on the European market for always meeting the deadlines and preparing high quality solutions. They try to follow their customers' suggestions and requests to make sure they are fully satisfied with the final product. The company owns technologically advanced printing machines, so clients are able to customise the packaging by sending original artworks to be manufactured by them.

CD replication

CD replication is a service suited for large orders, exceeding five hundred copies. The employees have to prepare a glass master with the data and then mould it into the chosen number of discs. This method of CD and DVD production is slightly more expensive than duplicating them, but much more effective when it comes to bigger needs. Each created disc has the data already engraved onto it and does not have to be additionally burned. Send an e-mail or call the company to get a quote on a particular order.

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