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Hologram Intrycko

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Company's specialisation

Hologram Intrycko makes security holograms which can be used to protect the original designs and documents from illegal replication or forging. The company offers many types of labels, with different graphics or logos included in them. Depending on a chosen client's individual needs, they can decide on an unconventional design, prepared to distinguish the brand or one of the available ones. The production process agrees with the ISO standard and takes up to five working days, including the shipment time.

Security holograms

Security holograms produced by the company cannot be tampered with. Upon the attempt of trying to unstick them from the surface they are glued to, they get destroyed. Moreover, preparing this particular solution requires a specialised machinery, therefore one can be sure, that cheap imitations will not be equipped with security holograms. Using them when it comes to protecting documents is also very noticeable. They can be found on passports, credit cards, IDs, but also banknotes. Successfully forging papers equipped with this security form is nearly impossible.

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